A tropical island in Okinawa, Japan was named by TripAdvisor as its top trending destination in its Asia listing of Travellers' Choice Destinations on the Rise for 2018.

TripAdvisor has given out the awards for six years, recognizing 44 destinations throughout the world. The top awardees are based measuring the increases of positive traveller reviews over the years, booking, and search interest for the destination.

Home to sandy white beaches, rare coral, and mangrove forests, Ishigaki is the largest island in the Yaeyama chain in Okinawa Prefecture. In recent years, it has become a destination for snorkelers and foodies who come to try out the Yaeyama soba noodles.

Similar to other tropical destinations such as Bali and Hawaii, Ishigaki and Okinawa Prefecture saw a 10.5% increase in visitor arrivals in 2016. On the global listing, it took the top spot followed by Kapaa, Hawaii and Nairobi, Kenya.

Among the other destinations featured on the top ten list for Asia include:

- Tayeyama, Japan
- Busan, South Korea
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia
- Nantou County, Taiwan
- Shenzhen, China
- Tainan, Tawian
- Seogwipo, South Korea
- Negombo, Sri Lanka
- Pokhara, Nepal

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