Cathay Pacific is making changes to its Asia Miles rewards program to give more points for travel with the airline, and better access to reward flight bookings.

Starting on June 22, tickets purchased for Cathay Group flights will earn Asia Miles based combination of cabin class, fare class and distance zone. While it is expected you may earn more miles if your in Business class than in Economy, according to the airline travelers will earn more miles on 80% of its network.  The changes will only apply for reward travel and point accumulation on flights with Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon.

Among the routes where Asia Miles members could see a large increase in mileage accumulation would be on short-one way trips to destinations such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, London, and Singapore. These destinations may see an increase of points earned ranging from 30% to as much as twice the current rewards offering. Though most of the destinations will see an increase in points earned, San Francisco and Manila are among the routes you may a decrease in points earned.

Cathay Pacific is also increasing the number of seats available for reward redemption by at least 20%. Some short/medium one-way flights to destinations in Asia may see a lower points requirement for redemption. This won't apply much for long-haul flights to London, Los Angeles, New York, or Sydney where you may see  an increase in redemption requirements.

Cathay Pacific Chief Customer and Commercial Officer Paul Loo said the changes demonstrate the airlines’ commitment to recognizing and rewarding loyal members.

“We have been listening to our customers and have been looking at ways to show how much we value their ardent loyalty to Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon,” he said. “As Asia Miles’ airline partners, we want to ensure these changes enable our customers to redeem flight awards more easily. When our customers fly with us, we hope their travel experiences are enjoyable, rewarding and memorable.”

For Asia Miles, it opens up more opportunities for travel hackers who strategically select flights and fares to book, and gain reward points for the trips they want. As for Cathay Pacific, it is the biggest overhaul of the rewards program in a while which could help it gain an edge to attract travelers in the Asia/Pacific versus competitors such as the low cost carriers, Middle East and Chinese based airlines.

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