In an effort to further elevate its status as a premier air travel hub, Singapore's Changi Airport is offering transit passengers a stopover experience in between flights.

The Changi Airport and Singapore's Tourism Board is stepping up its marketing for a program for stopover packages, targetted at travellers who have connecting flights in Singapore to visit other destinations in Southeast Asia, or long-haul travel to Australia or Europe.

As part of the program, travellers who will be making connections to different flights within 24 hours in Singapore will be able to book a stopover package from the Changi Airport website. The stopover package will include a free hotel transfer, and a mobile SIM worth around SGD $10 (USD $7.3).

Peh Ke-Wei, Vice President for Passenger Development, CAG said, “We’re excited to launch ‘Changi Stopovers in Singapore’ with strong support from the Singapore Tourism Board. This programme is part of our continued efforts in strengthening offerings at Changi Airport, and to sustain and attract passengers who choose to stop over in Singapore. We are also working with our airline and travel trade partners to offer this stopover programme via their sales channels in the coming months. At Changi, we always aim to present our passengers with the best travelling experience. With Jewel Changi Airport opening its doors next year, its myriad of lifestyle offerings and attractions will also offer an enhanced stopover experience for our passengers.”

Jacqueline Ng, Director, Marketing Partnerships & Planning, STB said, “We're pleased to partner Changi Airport Group in the Changi Stopovers programme as it enables us to reach out to a largely untapped audience. Through the offers in the Stopovers programme, we hope more transfer passengers would be convinced to stay in Singapore to explore all that our city and its myriad experiences can offer to make their entire trip even more memorable.”

In 2017, Singapore welcomed almost 59 million travellers at Changi Airport. It has been estimated that 30% of the total passenger traffic at Changi were travellers making connections.

The stopover packages is an effort to boost tourism to the city-state, and to ensure Changi Airport's status as a main travel hub in the region. It also offers a welcome break for travellers and something to do beyond the airport, especially with the recent announcements of growing number of long haul flights to/from Singapore

Singapore joins other airlines and destinations who have set up programs to attract transit passengers to get outside the airport and explore the vicinity of the airport such as from Emirates or Qatar Airways.

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