After the release of a report finding no conclusive answers on the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the government of France is reopening its investigation on aviation's biggest mystery.

The French aviation authority - The Gendarmerie of Air Transport (GAT) - is set to plaunch its own probe on the case. In a report from French newspaper Le Parisien, it found the recently released report as "imprecise and ambiguous" amid claims of a cover-up.

To continue the investigation, the GAT is seeking to examine satellite data which tracked the missing jet to “verify the veracity and especially the authenticity of all the technical data transmitted”, Le Parisien added.

The Malaysian government's report on the missing flight has not been received well by relatives of those on board MH370, some of whom have formed a group named Voice 370 to seek the truth regarding the missing flight.

The French government has been allowed to conduct its own investigation because four French nationals were on board MH370. Also, one possible clue - a barnacle encrusted wing part known as a flaperon - was found in 2015 on the French territory of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

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