Image from the South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s airport has introduced facial recognition technology to speed up immigration and security checks.

The airport installed four automated gates, with plans for up to 44 to be in operation next year. According to Chris Au Young, general manager of the smart airport concept at the Airport Authority Hong Kong, it’s the first step of incorporating the technology to process passengers before boarding flights.

“We are also going to implement the same biometrics (face) capture at the check-in to enrol the face to show you have a valid boarding pass and passport. Associated with your face, it is the single digital token to go through the rest of the checkpoints until you board the aircraft,” stated Young.

While most passengers will be able to use the new machines, children under the age of 11 can’t use it due to the height of the camera.

Hong Kong Airport’s incorporation of the facial recognition technology would eventually allow travellers to have their face scanned as the identity check at immigration check and the boarding gate.

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