As part of its efforts to increase the number of visitors to the country, Japan’s government will be rolling out e-visas before by April 2020.

The new electronic visas will allow for prospective visitors to apply online with the help of travel agencies. For Japanese immigration officials at the country’s ports of entry, it will reduce the lines and offer a more convenient option for visitors from countries Japan requires a visa for entry.

Because the Chinese visitor market accounts for 60% of visas the Japanese government has issued, citizens of China will be the first to be offered the service for single entry applications. Based on the success of the eVisa program with Chinese tourists, Japan’s government will eventually roll it out for citizens of other countries.

This won’t be much of a difference for visitors from 68 countries such as the United States, Canada, some European countries, or Australia who can get a 90-day visa-free stay provided you have an onward return ticket.

Among the countries whose citizens need a visa to visit Japan other than China include Russia, India, Brazil, the Philippines, and Most Middle Eastern and African countries. Those countries along with China could eventually see the introduction of the eVisa service for their citizens who want to travel to Japan.

Japan saw a record 28.7 million foreign visitors to the country, a 19.3% increase from the year before. The estimated spending of foreign visitors last year also was an all-time high at around JPY ¥4.42 trillion (USD $39 billion).

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