Vietnam Airlines has opened the first in-town check-in service for travelers in the country.

First opened in Hanoi earlier this month, passengers on Vietnam Airlines’ domestic flights could go to the city check-in facility in Hanoi, check their bags, and receive their boarding passes between 12 to 2 hours before their scheduled flight departure time. Travelers could choose to explore the city more, or head to the airport to complete the security checks and board the flight.

The service is limited to domestic flights from Hanoi to Noi Bai or Da Nang airports. The airline will open the service to travelers in Da Nang in November. Vietnam joins the list of Asian destinations that have in-town check-in. Cities such as Hong Kong and Taiwan have check-in services available at major transit stations, where one could then use a direct rail transit to the airport. Other countries in Asia that have similar services include South Korea, China, and Malaysia.

Le Hong Ha, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Airlines, said: “Our ultimate aim is to provide our passengers with a pleasant and seamless travel experience. By integrating In-Town Check-In, customers can enjoy an on-ground service that meets the 4-star standard of being safe, quick and convenient. As the first and only carrier in Vietnam to offer this service, Vietnam Airlines hopes this development will add significant value to our customers and enable us to reach 5-star status in the foreseeable future.”=

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