To address concerns by engineer and architect groups, plans for a new passenger terminal at Bangkok’s Survarnabhumi Airport has been placed on hold.

After a recent board meeting, the Airports of Thailand (AOT) decided to postpone the construction of Terminal 2 to allow for more studies by relevant parties with some reporting that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) could be consulted.

Among the main concerns for the new passenger terminal has come from Thailand’s Council of Engineers (CoE) and the Architects Council of Thailand, whose objections to the planned terminal include the location that doesn’t adhere to the master plan made in 1990.

The other concern is a legal challenge from a bidder citing unfair treatment by the AOT during the bidding process.

The USD $1.3 billion Terminal 2 project is part of a bigger expansion plan for Survarnabhumi Airport that includes a third runway and expanding the western side of the current passenger terminal. Terminal 2 has been reported to feature a “forest-themed” design, which also prompted concerns for integrating the use of wood within the building. Its timeline was set for completion around 2021, but with the current legal challenges and delay no new estimated completion date has been reported.

Survarnhabhumi Airport is the 21st busiest airport in the world, and the 9th in Asia. Like many airports in Asia, it has faced the challenge of addressing the rapidly growing demands of Thailand’s aviation industry while competing to maintain its position as a hub in the region. According to the AOT, Survarnhabhumi Airport handled 55 million passengers in 2016. The new expansion projects would increase its designed passenger capacity to over 100 million per year by the year 2024.

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