New technology will be integrated to the soon-to-open mega hub, Beijing Daxing Airport, that passengers will not notice, but will provide pilots with more accurate weather forecasts.

In a news report from state run news agency Xinhua, the new radar technology is a Chinese-developed millimeter-wave cloud radar developed by a research institute under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC).

Hu Qingrong, director of the institute, was quoted in the Xinhua article saying the millimeter-wave cloud radar can be used in various fields, such as atmospheric sciences, weather modification, automatic cloud observation, and aviation weather service. The radar is capable of monitoring cloud, rain, fog and other weather conditions for meteorological departments, airports, and ports.

The technology has been used by the researchers to collect weather data for the Shanghai Meteorological Service. The integration at the Daxing Airport will be the latest version, and will be the first time it will be used at a major travel hub in the country when it opens by September 2019.

Original Xinhua article:

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