Among the most familiar acts of air travel is placing your baggage through an x-ray machine. Should there be any item of question, the security officers could do a physical inspection. In the future, travelers passing through Seoul’s Incheon Airport could have their baggage checked by machines using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The main air travel hub of South Korea has been reported to be working on a new X-ray screening system using AI that would eliminate the need for security officers to manually check bags after looking at an x-ray image. While a security officer can still decide to physically inspect luggage, the AI system would take the image and give an analysis for the officers at the security checkpoint.

Incheon Airport has stated that an algorithm for the image interpretation and analysis will be developed deep-learning technology of 600,000 images of prohibited items and 20,000 liquid items.

“By preemptively incorporating AI technology into security, [we] will strengthen airline security and plan to provide a safer and more convenient environment for passengers,” said Chung Il-young, CEO of Incheon International Airport Corporation.

While the project is in its first stage, Incheon Airport is expecting two years for development before full integration. Along with the new x-ray system, Incheon Airport is also working to introduce a tunnel security search system that would allow travelers to go through security checks simply by walking through a tunnel.

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