With news reports regarding pilots showing up before flights not sober, Singapore will be imposing strict regulations and penalties for pilots who drink and fly.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Singapore has stated in local reports it will impose random alcohol testing on pilots flying out of Singapore’s Changi and Seletar airports with a alcohol abstinence standard of 0.02 grams per 210 litres of breath. Pilots who exceed this limit will not be permitted the fly and will face penalties.

"CAAS has a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol consumption," the authority said in a press release. "On Mar 31, 2019, CAAS will implement the Airport Alcohol Testing Programme, and commence random alcohol testing of pilots at Changi and Seletar airports."

Pilots found under the influence of alcohol could be subject to a fine of SGD $50,000 (USD $36,860 ) and jailed up to 2 years for the first offence. Other offenses will result in a fines up to SGD $100,000 (USD $73,720) and 5 years in jail.

In addition to the testing on pilots, Singapore-based airlines have strengthened their policies per the request by the CAAS requiring pilots to not drink 10 hours before their flights.

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