To speed up the visa application process for visitors to Laos, it will be launching its online visa application process in the summer.

According to the Vientiane Times, Lao’s consular office is launching its eVisa in June that will allow international travelers to visit the landlocked country for a maximum 30 days, and would be open for travelers to apply after airline tickets and hotel accommodations are booked.

When applying, the 30 day visa option will be available for select countries with varying fees depending on the visitor’s nationality. Among the fee details mentioned include a fee of USD $42 for Canadians while US citizens would pay $30-35.

While it aims to streamline its visa process, citizens of other countries not on the list for the eVisas, travelers who want to stay longer and/or make multiple trips to other neighboring countries with plans to return will need to apply at the nearest Laos embassy.

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