After Singapore Changi Airport open its latest attraction – The Jewel – travelers who visit the newest commercial complex at the world’s best airport can now enjoy the recently opened Canopy Park and the aviation-themed Changi Experience Studio.

Located at the upper level of The Jewel, the Canopy Park features a 500 square meter area featuring look-out platform and a three-story high, canopy park which could be described as a “playground.” Travelers and visitors can also spend time before a flight at the floral gardens, get lost in the maze, slide down the “Discovery Slides,” and “play in clouds” at Foggy Bowls. 

The other new attraction – the Changi Experience Studio – is the aviation-themed digital experience featuring interactive content about the history and operations at Changi Airport.

Hung Jean, CEO, Jewel Changi Airport Devt said: “Changi Airport holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially Singaporeans, and we want to extend this special bond for everyone who visits Jewel. The attractions and gardens on Canopy Park are designed for visitors to relax or have a fun time with their families and friends, whether they reside in Singapore or are international travellers visiting Jewel. When Canopy Park was conceptualised, we envisaged a green natural environment with play and leisure activities for people of all ages. Importantly, we wanted to create a space where activities that are traditionally conducted outdoors, are brought to an indoor environment so that they can be enjoyed under all weather conditions.”

Admission to the Canopy Park is SGD $8 (USD $5.84) for standard admission and SGD $7.20 (USD $5.25) for Singapore residents.

The rates for the Changi Experience Studio are SGD $25 (USD $18.25) for adults and SGD $17 (USD $12.41) for children (6-12 years) and seniors. For Singapore residents, the rates are SGD $19 (USD $13.87) and SGD $13 (USD $9.49) respectively.

Travelers and visitors alike can purchase their tickets on the Changi Jewel’s website. (

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