If you go on YouTube or Instagram, you’ll find a range of travel experiences including trip reports – videos or blogs where travelers film and document their travels. However, one vlogger made a bad review of an airline experience and two Indonesian airlines have issued new policies regarding taking videos or photos while inflight.

Following reports of an Indonesian travel vlogger being summoned for defamation after posting a video on Instragram of handwritten menu from a recent Garuda Indonesia flight, two Indonesian-based airlines – Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air – have issued new policies restricting taking videos or photos while inflight.

Garuda has caught even more attention following reported instructions for cabin crew calling for passengers not to document activities during a flight.

From the news site Kumparan, the internal memo states when translated:

Following up on directives from management, all cabin crew are informed as follows:

1. Not allowed to document all activities on the plane, whether in the form of photos or videos by cabin crew or passengers.

2. Cabin crew must use language that is assertive in conveying the passenger ban for point 1 above except that they have obtained a permit from the company

3. The company will sanction if there is a violation of the above provisions

That directive has also been reported to have since been withdrawn, though the airline’s spokesman Ikhsan Rosan said in a statement: “Passengers can take photos for personal use such as selfies as long as they do not inconvenience other passengers.” Rosan added: “This aimed to ensure all flight operations of Garuda comply with the prevailing regulations and laws, including Law on Aviation and ITE.”

Lion Air Issues its Own Policy

In a report on Kompas, Indonesian low cost airline Lion Air issued its own policy restricting passengers taking photos or videos while inflight. Translated with Google, the airline also cited the privacy and safety of other passengers, and videos should be taken with the permission of the company management.

"If the institutions or individuals who will carry out documentation are required to ask permission from the company first. Then the company will provide policies," said Lion Air's Corporate Communications Strategic, Danang Mandala Prihantoro to Kompas.com.

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