Starting September 1, travelers departing from Malaysia will pay a new departure tax after the Malaysian government announced the levy on the state gazette published on July 31.

The new levy will be applied on all departures from Malaysia's airports and seaports, and for airline passengers the fees will depend on destination and cabin class. For trips to ASEAN countries, Economy class passengers will pay RM 8 (USD $1.91) and RM 50 (USD 11.95). Travel to non-ASEAN countries will pay RM 20 (USD $4.78) for Economy and RM 150 (USD $36) on First/Businss class. The ASEAN countries include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Among the exemptions include pedestrians, infants and toddlers (less than 24 months old), on-duty airline and ship crew, and travelers on transit (less than 12 hours). Those traveling on private aircraft and ships will also be exempt.

Malaysia's new departure fee is part of the government's efforts to develop the domestic tourism industry and to provide a new revenue source. The “Departure Levy Bill 2019” was passed by the country's Parliament in April, and was first planned to be introduced on June 1 but later moved to September. It has not been stated whether the fee will be collected at the airport or included on airfares upon booking. 

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