South Korean low cost carrier Jeju Air will be launching new routes to China and the Philippines in the next two months.

First reported on Yonhap, the Jeju-based airline, will start flights between Seoul-Incheon, Busan, and Muan to Chinese cities of Harbin, Yanji, Nangton, and Zhangjiajie. Jeju Air has schedule to launch the new flights between Tuesday (August 13) through August 22.

In the Philippines, the airline will launch flights between Daegu and Cebu. Daegu starting September 17. According to Jeju Air's website, the airline will operate flights on the route on a four-times weekly basis:

Daegu-Cebu   7C2427   STD: 20:05 STA: 23:15  Su/Tu/Th/Sa

Cebu-Daegu  7C2428   STD: 00:15  STA: 05:10 Su/Mo/We/Fri

Daegu will be the third city in South Korea Jeju Air offers flights to Cebu along with Busan and Seoul-Incheon. The airline also operates flights from Seoul-Incheon to both Manila and Clark. On the Daegu-Cebu route, it will compete will T'way Air which offers a daily service between the two cities.

The new additional routes come as the Jeju Air and the other Korean-based airlines have reduced their operations to Japan due to the ongoing diplomatic and trade row between the two countries. Jeju Air recently announced its own reductions of flights from Seoul, Busan, and Muan to Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo, Okinawa, and Fukuoka.

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