As part of the recent agreement between the United States and Japan to open up the airspace over Tokyo and more flight slots at Tokyo-Haneda, the Japanese government announced the distribution of flight slots at Haneda for Japanese airlines.

The Japanese Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport has allocated 25 international flight slots to Tokyo-based All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL). ANA is set to gain an advantage with 13.5 slots while JAL will get 11.5.

A total of 50 flight slots for flights at Haneda starting in the summer of 2020 were made available following the bilateral agreement made earlier this year. Among the conditions of the agreement include granting 12 slots to the US Department of Transportation to allocate among US carriers. 25 slots will be given to Japanese carriers while the remaining 13 will be given to non-US airlines. Each slot represents pair of a departure and arrival at the airport.

For the US-based airlines, United and Delta have announced their plans with the new flight slot allocations to start by the summer of 2020. Delta has announced it will shift its Tokyo-based operations from Narita to Haneda, with flights to Atlanta, Detroit, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle. United will split its operations between Narita and Haneda, with departures from Haneda to Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, Washington DC, and San Francisco. American Airlines will have departures from Haneda to Dallas and Los Angeles.

With the allocations to Japanese and American carriers, no announcement has been made for the remaining 13 slots for other foreign airlines.

Located 15km from the center of Tokyo, Haneda was the first international airport of the city before international flights to the city until 1978 saw the opening of Narita Airport. It served as the main domestic airport until 2010 when it began accepting international flights following the opening of the international terminal. Japan has prioritized premium business routes at Haneda while Narita would serve budget airlines and leisure routes. Haneda is the 4th busiest airport in the world, and flight slots are limited.

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