Within a week, two Asia-based airlines have issued a ban on carrying some models of Apple's MacBook Pro laptops: Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways.

The ban affects 15 inch MacBook Pro laptops sold between September 2015 and February 2017, which Apple has issued a recall due to potential risk of the battery overheating. Singapore Airlines' ban covers bring the affected laptops on check-in and carry-on bags until the battery is replaced by Apple.

While Singapore Airlines' ban will impact its entire network, Thai Airways covers all flights to and from Europe.

On the recall program page on Apple's website, the company has provided a serial number check to see if a customer's laptop is affected. Affected customers could get the battery replaced for free.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the United States Federal Aviation Administration has issued a notice to airlines and a ban of the laptops on flights.

In addition to Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam issued their own ban on the laptops on all flights on Vietnam's carriers.

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