In preparation for next year's Summer Olympics, Tokyo's Narita Airport is adding new technology such as electronic customs gates and self-service check-in kiosks.

Previously open for Japanese residents, the airport will be opening its electronic customs gates to foreign travelers in an effort to decrease the congestion in the arrivals area. Travelers will be able to complete their customs entry requirements using a smartphone app. After clearing through immigration, travelers could scan their customs form code from their device through a reader.

Along with offering e-customs clearance, Narita Airport is set to receive 72 self-check in kiosks. The airport signed a contract with Sydney-based ICM Airport Technics for the Series 7 ABD units that will be used at the three terminals at Narita.

Travelers who have been to Singapore's Changi Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Auckland Airport will be familiar with the process of using the company's auto baggage drop units. After scanning and matching a passenger's passport details and facial scan, the baggage is weighed and tags can be printed for the traveler to put on it.

The implementation of the machines are the first foray for ICM in Japan, with the company's CEO Richard Dinkelmann stating: “This is an ideal opportunity for ICM to showcase our technology in Japan.”

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