Vietnam Airlines has received its Foreign Air Carrier Permit from the US Department of Transportation (DOT), opening up the possibility of future flights between Vietnam and the United States.

According to its filing with the US DOT, Vietnam Airlines was licensed to operate flights from Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to 5 US cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, and New York. In addition to the US cities, the airline will also be able to connect to Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto in Canada. Taipei, Osaka, and Nagoya were named as approved intermediate hubs.

The terms – effective August 26 - cover “air transportation of persons, property and mail” between cities in North America and Vietnam.

Since Vietnam was awarded Category 1 status by the United States, Vietnam Airlines as well as other competing airlines have expressed interest in launching flights between the two countries. Along with Vietnam Airlines, startup airline Bamboo Airways has also indicated it would launch services to the United States.

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