China’s air travel market is growing stronger than ever.

China is heading for an upturn in its aviation industry over the next few years as part of its golden era of development forecast to run for approximately 10-15 years.

The government plans to allocate about 77 billion yuan (USD $12 billion) for investment in civil aviation in 2016. About 66 new civil airports are planned during its next five-year plan. On top of that, the growth of international traffic on Chinese airlines in 2015 was 33%. That’s the same as the previous three years combined. Its big 3 airline groups are increasing their international focus, international airlines are increasing partnerships with Chinese airlines and routes to China. And that’s to say nothing of its domestic growth potential.

Quite simply, China could be the game changing market in Aviation.

To address the importance of Chinese aviation to the growth of the airline industry in APAC and across the world, we are putting together a closing keynote panel discussion on Day One’s afternoon at Aviation Festival Asia 2017.

Day One, 21 February 2017 at 17:00-17:40

Panel: China’s aviation: Shifting the centre of gravity

Join us as we explore what China’s aviation means for the air travel industry in APAC and globally, and how we should plan ahead on partnerships, market development and customer strategies.

We’re excited to have confirmed the first airline leader for the panel, Mr. Li Dongliang, Senior Vice President of Sales from China Southern Airlines.

China Southern Airlines may be Asia’s largest airline, but it has one of the smallest long haul networks. In recent years, the airline has shifted growth to international markets, and its share of capacity flown in international markets has increased from 26% in 2013 to a forecast 34% in 2016. With 20 787-9s  to be delivered in the period of 2018-2020, it’s no doubt that China Southern will continue its international expansion.

Stay tuned for further news from other Chinese carriers to join us at this panel.

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