Starting this summer, Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA) will start operating international flights out of two of the passenger terminals at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

Effective March 29, the Tokyo-based airline will start to operate international flights at Haneda's Terminal 2. The move will mark a shift that has been anticipated given the increase of international flights by ANA, Japan Airlines (JAL), and other foreign carriers expected this summer.

According to a release on ANA's website, ANA's international routes departing from Haneda that will shift to Terminal 2 include flights to the following cities by region:

North America: New York-JFK, Washington DC-Dulles, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Vancouver

Europe: London, Frankfurt, Munich, Moscow, Vienna, Stockholm, Istanbul

Asia/Pacific: Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Qingdao

All other ANA international routes from Haneda will remain at Terminal 3, though the move will be more convenient for ANA customers making domestic or some intra-Asia connections.

From Haneda, ANA operates its domestic flights from Terminal 2 while using Terminal 3 (formerly known as the International Terminal) for its international flights. Terminal 3 is also used by foreign carriers which have increased their presence at what was once the primary domestic airport of Tokyo.

After being a primary domestic hub for ANA, Terminal 2 has been upgraded to accommodate international flights with new customs and immigration facilities and dedicated gates for international operations.

“ANA has expanded its international service in order to meet the growing demand for travel to Japan, and the changes at Haneda Airport will equip us to meet passenger needs,” said Masaki Yokai, Senior Vice President of ANA. “We are excited about the prospect of strengthening our ability to offer convenient and efficient travel to our growing customer base.”

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