After initially placing some restrictions on travel between China and the United States, Delta Airlines, American, and United will be temporarily suspending all flights between the two countries.

The decision to suspend flights follow the US Department of Health and Human Services' response to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak from China.

Delta Airlines

The flight suspensions by the Atlanta-based carrier will cover flights between February 6 through April 30. The last China-bound flights will leave February 3 while the last returning flights back to the US will leave China on February 5.

Delta's flight suspensions will cover 42 weekly flights between the US and China. The airline operates flights to Beijing and Shanghai from Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Seattle.


Along with Delta, Chicago-based United has also made the decision to suspend its flights between China and the United States.

Effective February 6 to March 30, United will suspend flights from its US hubs to Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai.

While the mainland China flights will be suspended, United will continue to operate its daily flights between San Francisco an Hong Kong.


As United and Delta announced flight suspensions, Dallas-based American announced on Friday (January 31) it will suspend its own flights between China and the US. The flight suspensions will cover flights until March 27. 

Similar to United's decision, it will not cover flights to Hong Kong from Los Angeles and Dallas. The suspensions will cover flights from Los Angeles and Dallas to Beijing and Shanghai.

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