To address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as more cases have been confirmed, the government of Malaysia has placed restrictions on international and domestic travel within the country.

“Under the Movement Control Order, the public is prohibited from going anywhere including to tourist spots for social activities and if that visit does not involve matters related to national essential services. You are advised not to continue your vacation,” Malaysia's National Security Council stated on a document related to the new measures.

Among expansive quarantine measures which include set fines and penalties, Malaysian citizens will not be allowed to travel abroad along with the country not accepting any foreign arrivals.

Malaysian citizens returning from abroad will undergo a health inspection and a 14-day quarantine.

When addressing the issue, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin highlighted the urgency of the situation and called for cooperation saying: “I hope that you will be patient in facing this challenge. Do not panic, do not be anxious, and stay calm. I believe that with these measures by the government, we will be able to combat the spread of this outbreak soon."

Regarding travel plans being disrupted, Malaysia's NSC addressed this by suggesting that refunds should be requested to hotels for bookings made prior to the order.

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