To help facilitate the reparation of stranded travelers towards the end of the month of April, Dubai-based Emirates is operating limited flights to eight destinations in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In a press statement, Emirates has been and will operate flights to the eight cities with varying frequencies. Most of the flights will be to European destinations of London and Frankfurt, while Manila will get three flights towards the end of the month. The routes and departure dates are as follows:

Frankfurt: April 25, 27, 29

Jakarta: April 26

Johannesburg: April 25

Lagos: April 26

London-Heathrow: April 23, 24, 26, 28, 30

Madrid: April 29

Manila: April 24, 28, 30

Tunis: April 30

To reduce the risk of infection, the airline will restrict access to the flights for citizens and those who meet the entry requirements of the destination, limiting inflight services, and will requir customers to wear face masks at the airport and inflight. The aircraft used for the flights will go through cleaning and disinfection at its Dubai hub.

For travelers who intend to travel to Johannesburg, Lagos, and Tunis, the airline has advised customers to contact the respective countries' embassies and consulates in the United Arab Emirates.

All Emirates departures from Dubai will be at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

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