As part of efforts to restore flights across its network, Delta Airlines is looking to restore flights to China.

In its latest flight operations update from its website, the Atlanta-based carrier announced plans to operate commercial flights to Shanghai from both Detroit and Seattle to start during June. Delta plans to serve the two routes with daily flights, subject to government approvals.

The resumption of flights to Shanghai will be the third destination in Asia Delta has resumed commercial flights to. According to the airline, Delta is operating flights to Tokyo and Seoul. Delta's current operations in Asia are as follows:

From Detroit:

Seoul-Incheon – daily

From Seattle:

Seoul-Incheon – less than daily

Tokyo-Haneda – less than daily

Along with the current flights to Seoul and Tokyo, Delta is also operating daily cargo flights between Seoul and its US hubs of Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Detroit along with thrice-a-day cargo flights between Shanghai and Seoul.

Throughout its network, the airline has reduced its capacity by around 80% in the US domestic market and 90% for international routes.

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