India has resumed limited domestic flights following a two-month long shutdown of the country's aviation industry to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first flights took off from airports such as in Delhi and Mumbai on May 25 as regulations have been implemented to contain the spread of the virus.

Among the rules the Indian government has implemented include mandatory use of face masks and travelers are required to sign a health declaration via an app or signed form. Airlines have also scaled down their inflight services such as no food service.

Travelers have also been encouraged to check-in online and to only fly for essential purposes.

India's government has also imposed a airfare cap and limited airlines to operate at one-third capacity. Airports will have thermal scanners and some states in the country have implemented varying quarantine measures – to be done at a facility or at home.

While a positive sign for the Indian aviation industry, NDTV has reported the relaunch of flights saw some flight cancellations affecting 82 flights at Delhi Airport and 9 at Bangalore.

Another reported point of confusion has been the varying quarantine guidelines set by the states in the country. Some states such as West Bengal have asked to postpone flight resumptions to Kolkata citing the need to focus on the recovery efforts following Cyclone Amphan.

The flight resumptions come two months after all regular commercial flights were grounded in the country on March 25.

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