Amid trade tensions between the United States and China, the two trans-Pacific superpowers will allow four weekly passenger flights each direction for their airlines.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a notice stating that US-based United and Delta has received approval to resume flights to China. With the resumption of flights, China will limit the number of combined flights of the US carriers to four-weekly.

In return, the US DOT will allow Chinese carriers to operate a total of four-weekly flights combined to the US.

Following a complaint from the US DOT in May regarding the lack of approval for the resumption of US airline flights to China, it then proposed a ban on Chinese airlines from operating to/from the US which would have taken to effect on June 16.

In response, China has eased its policy of restricting foreign airlines to operate one weekly flight to the country.

In its notice, the US DOT stated: “We welcome this action by the Chinese government, as an important first step to fully restore air travel.”

While Delta and United will now get to resume their services to China, the US DOT also added it will continue to request the Chinese aviation authorities to add more flights between both countries.

“The Department will continue to press for the full restoration of passenger air travel between the United States and China, in part to allow for the repatriation of Chinese students who have been unable to fly home due to the shortage of flights. As the Chinese government allows more flights by U.S. carriers, we will reciprocate,” the DOT further added.

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