Turkish Airlines is planning its gradual return to the skies after grounding operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the airline's website, the Istanbul-based airline announced it will be resuming flights throughout its network starting with domestic flights in June. It will then proceed to gradually resume international flights.

Among the first international destinations Turkish Airlines will be serving in June will include cities in Europe such as Belgrade, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, and London.

During the end of June and first part of July, the airline expects to resume flights to cities such as New York, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai, and Tokyo. Flights to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Singapore will start on July 18.

According to a listing on the airline's website, the following are the flight plans to notable cities in Asia on Turkish Airlines' network:

Bangkok – Twice-weekly starting July 18

Delhi- Four-times weekly starting July 1

Guangzhou – Once-weekly starting July 1

Hong Kong – Twice weekly towards the end of June, then thrice-weekly starting July 2

Jakarta – Twice-weekly starting July 2

Kuala Lumpur – Twice-weekly starting July 18

Manila – Twice-weekly starting July 18

Mumbai – Four-times weekly starting July 1

Seoul – Twice-weekly until the end of July

Singapore – Twice-weekly starting July 18

Tokyo – Twice-weekly starting July 4

The airline has advised travelers of its safety measures including the use of face masks. It will also set a limit on carry-on items to items such as a laptop bag, purse, camera, umbrella. Carry-on items will have a size and weight restrictions (no heavier than 4 kilograms and no larger than 40x30x15 centimeters).

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