As part of its winter flights schedule plans, Finnair plans to focus its Asia presence on select destinations and adjust its scheduled service launches

In a release from the airline, Finnair plans to focus on long-haul flights to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Bangkok which in a statement said “are also important cargo destinations.” For its services to Bangkok, the airline is only operating the Bangkok-Helsinki segment.

Along with its slate of routes to Asia, Finnair will also operate cargo-only flights between Singapore and New York.

'We continue to maintain critical air connections for our Europe-Asia transfer passengers and for Finland,” said Finnair's Chief Commercial Officer Ole Orver. He hadded: “The pandemic situation and the related travel restrictions continue to have a heavy impact on demand for air travel, and thus it is not feasible to operate all the flights we in May planned for this winter.”

Summer 2021 Plans

While focusing its route network to select destinations for the winter, Finnair has released details on planned services on its summer 2021 schedule which will start of April 1, 2021.

After delaying the planned service launches to both Busan, South Korea and Tokyo-Haneda earlier this year, Finnair plans to open the routes during the summer 2021. Both routes were originally scheduled to begin in March of 2020.

While shifting the launch of flights to Tokyo-Haneda and Busan, the airline will continue to maintain the flight suspensions to Beijing-Daxing, Xi'an, and Sapporo

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