With a rise in COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong-Singapore Air Travel Bubble originally planned to start today (November 22) will be deferred by at least two weeks.

During a recent news conference, Hong Kong's minister of commerce and economic development announced the start of the travel bubble will be delayed with no new start date set.

“For any scheme to be successful, they must fulfill the condition of securing public health, and also make sure that both sides would be comfortable and feel safe about the scheme,” Yau said. “In light of the situation in Hong Kong, I think it’s the responsible way to put this back for a while, and then sort of relaunch it at a suitable juncture.”

The air travel bubble agreement between the two cities would allow for travel between the two points without a quarantine provided negative COVID-19 testing. Flights exclusively to be used for the travel bubble would be operated by Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines with a capacity limit of 200 passengers.

While the start of the air travel bubble will be delayed, travelers will still be able to continue their trips on non-travel bubble flights subject to current border control and health requirements for either city – including the quarantine period upon arrival.

In separate updates, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific announced the cancellation of the air travel bubble flights and customers are being notified of their travel options which includes travel credits, refunds, or flight changes. Cathay Pacific has announced that travelers booked on the flights between November 24 and December 5 will automatically be placed on non-air travel bubble flights.

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