Vietnam plans to start welcoming back tourists to country through the resort destination of Phu Quoc next month.

Part of efforts to efforts to jumpstart the country's economy due to COVID-19 restrictions, the island of Phu Quoc will be part of the Vietnamese government's trial for reopening to foreign travelers for around six months.

Similar to the Thai resort destination of Phuket's “Phuket Sandbox” scheme, plans for the reopening of Phu Quoc to outside visitors will include allowing fully vaccinated travelers to arrive with a negative COVID-19 test.

Phu Quoc is located around 10km (~6 miles) in the southern part of Vietnam off the coast of Cambodia.

Currently closed to all arriving travelers except for returning citizens and investors, Vietnam's tourism and culture minister Nguyen Van Hung  acknowledged the effects the pandemic has had on the local tourism industry saying: "The prolonged pandemic has seriously hurt the tourism industry.”

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