Citing an increased number of frontline and support personnel – including cabin crew – being unable to report to work due to quarantine/self-isolation requirements, Philippine Airlines has cancelled a series of flights between January 9 and 16.

In an advisory updated on January 10, the Manila-based airline listed multiple domestic and international flights for the week would be cancelled as a precaution. Separately, the select international flights that have been cancelled were done to comply with newly reduced limits to the daily number of passenger arrivals allowed to Manila's airport by government authorities.

"Many of our cabin crew called in sick. As such, we were compelled to cancel flights. Combination of domestic and international," Philippine Airlines spokesperson Cielo Villaluna was quoted saying in a Viber message by The Manila Times.

The Manila-based airline stated that its teams are continuing to maintain as many other flights as possible, and is working to process passenger requests and relieve longer call waiting times and ticket office queues.

“We greatly appreciate the dedication of our PAL personnel who are able to report for work and do their best to care for our customers despite these challenges,” the airline said in its latest advisor. The airline further added: “Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work with you and with our partner agents, government authorities and our PAL teams worldwide to make the best of a very challenging situation.”

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