Korean Air has launched a new cargo route to Zhengzhou, China – a key hub for tech manufacturing.

On May 25, the first of two weekly cargo flights operated by Korean Air arrived at Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport following its departure from Seoul-Inchon and a stop at Xi'an.

According to Korean Air, the cargo flights will meet rising air cargo demand for mobile phone and electronic parts manufactured in the area.

Zhengzhou is home to the world's largest iPhone-Foxconn factory, and is an inland logistics hub in China with an active mobile and high-tech parts manufacturing scene. The area has also gained traction in attracting automotive battery manufacturers and robotics companies seeking to expand their presence in the area.

“In line with China’s reopening, the new route will allow the airline to support China’s dynamic logistics needs as well as expand the airline’s revenue base,” said a Korean Air cargo representative. “As part of our mission to secure a competitive edge in China, we will continue to explore the market prospects.”

With the launch of the Zhengzhou service, Korean Air now operates scheduled air cargo flights to six points in China – Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Hong Kong

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