Tony Fernandes issues a direct personal statement through social media

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Published: Jun 28, 2017

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Super proud of all my crew led by Captain Ibrahim. And first officer Vincent and Purser Ruijaruuneglai who did a superb heroic job bringing back everyone safely. Airasia don't make engines and all airlines have engine failures. But when it does happen it takes great pilots and great leadership in times of crisis. I'm beaming with pride. From videos you can see all guests calm , and from the manyemails and whatsapp I got , the Captains announcements kept everyone calm. If it was a full service airline the pilot would have been a hero. But because it's a low cost carrier press and so called experts make wild accusations and forget the heroics of our crew. I want to thank the many Australians who have praised airasia for all we have done despite all the adverse press. Adelaide here we come.