Kiosks Installed at Kuala Lumpur for Malaysians to Check if They Are on Immigration Blacklist

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Published: Nov 30, 2017

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Country: Malaysia   /   Category: Legal   /   Written by: FIA News

According Malaysia’s Immigration Department, around 800,000 citizens are prohibited from leaving the country due to various offences such bankruptcy and security offences. Should a traveler on the blacklist try to leave the country, they would be stopped. To address the issue of travelers finding out they are on the list when heading to the immigration lines, Malaysian authorities are setting up kiosks to allow passengers to check their status.

Offenses that can contribute to the blacklist status include bankruptcy, making negative statements to the government, outstanding payments to the government, and other unresolved court or civil issues. It has caused some congestion at the Immigration areas at the country’s airports.

“We have launched these kiosks so that those who want to check their immigration status can do so with ease,” according to Immigration Department director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali.

“Since the kiosks are positioned outside, they can check first. If they are on the blacklist, they can call (the relevant agency blacklisting them) and resolve the issue,” he said.

The new kiosks are at Kuala Lumpur’s airport Terminal 1, with plans to add the kiosks at Terminal 2 and other airports in the country.

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