Air Asia to Form A New eStore and eWallet

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Published: Dec 07, 2017

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Country: Malaysia   /   Category: Business   /   Written by: FIA News

After disrupting the aviation industry in Southeast Asia by offering low cost travel in the region, Air Asia is making a new move into the retail and FinTech industries.

Air Asia's loyalty program BIG Loyalty unveiled its new eStore - - allowing members to shop and earn points, as well as booking reward travel with the airline.

The new eStore will be available for over 13 million BIG members in three countries - Thailand, Malayasia, and Indonesia. It will also feature over 150 lifestyle and travel brands including Uniqlo,, and 11street.

“The eStore is a fantastic way to reward our loyal members with the opportunity to shop for what they like and earn BIG Points in return. This really is an effortless way to help our members fly for virtually free by doing what they enjoy doing, which is shopping online, and brings us a step closer to making our loyalty, our low fares.”  

AirAsia BIG Loyalty CEO Dato Eddy Leong said, “Our eStore is the newest digital innovation that stays true to our dedication to reward members easier, faster and better. Shopping on the eStore expands the ways in which our members can earn BIG Points faster than they fly. A member can spend RM100 on any of their favourite brands on the eStore to earn 100 BIG Points or more. Although members fly occasionally, shopping is an everyday routine. Now with the eStore, earning BIG Points will become a part of members’ daily life.”

The new eStore will open December 12 and will be an entry in the aviation and travel retail industry. BIG members could earn 1 point for every 1 RMB spent.

While the eStore will be available initially online, plans are being made to add a mobile app in the future.

The announcement of the new eStore comes after Air Asia announced recently plans to launch its own version of a mobile wallet, and use the Air Asia fleet to transport the goods purchased online by BIG members. The new mobile payment service will remove the need for physical cash for inflight-purchases as well mitigate the complaints of "ripping off" customers when dealing with currency exchange rates and ticket purchases.

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