About Flights In Asia

Flights in Asia is a media platform highlighting the aviation and travel experience in Asia.

Company Profile:

Website: www.flightsinasia.com
Email: info@flightsinasia.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flightsinasia
Twitter: @flightsinasia

Year Started: 2016

Mission Statement:Provide insights, highlights, and experiences within the travel and aviation industries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Company Overview:
The rise of Asia's economies has also coincided with the rapid growth of the region's aviation industry. As aviation industry experts predict the region will lead the global aviation industry's growth in the years to come, it can be expected that interest in the industry will grow among travelers and industry stakeholders alike.

With the goal to highlight the travel and aviation landscape of the Asia/Pacific region, Flights in Asia uses a creative and informative approach to feature content such as new airline routes, travel insights and tips, industry knowledge, and the impact of the growth of the travel/tourism industry in the region.

While the site was started in the Philippines in 2016, Flights in Asia seeks to bridge the gap of knowledge for both the Asian traveller and industry insiders.

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